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Be The Change Green County - Avenue's Counseling - Megan Schilt & Emily Murray - Episode 18

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

In January 2017, Megan Schilt took a leap of faith. She decided it was time to venture into the entrepreneurship world by starting Avenue's Counseling. Avenue's Counseling is built on integrity, authenticity, collaboration, and balance. Monroe, WI based Avenue's Counseling focuses their efforts on behavioral and mental health issues for all ages and populations. They are passionate about serving the rural communities in and around Green County. Below is a link to the team at Avenue's Counseling.

Megan Schilt and Emily Murray joined Wisco Legacy to talk about the journey that led them to Avenue's Counseling and to talk about their new initiative - Be The Change Green County. This initiative is working to provide preventative, proactive, and protective systems of care for mental health for Green County residents. They are hoping to partner with other organizations in the area to help provide these services throughout the county. They are also hiring to help support this initiative and to help the growing needs of the community.

They also have a fundraiser that runs through January 31st to help support this initiative. They are selling shirts through Heartland Graphics. Below is a link to the shirt order.

Please help support this incredible initiative that Megan, Emily, and the team at Avenue's is putting together. They are planning on future initiatives, so go follow them on social media.

Tune in to episode 18 of Wisco Legacy with Megan and Emily on Tuesday, February 1st at the link below. You can find the video version on YouTube and the audio version on all of the podcast platforms.


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