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Leah Linscheid - Morning Anchor for News 3 Now - Wisconsin Fanatic - Episode 8

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Full podcast episode with Leah can be found at the following links:

I dare you to find someone more passionate about the state of Wisconsin than Highland's own Leah Linscheid. Leah is a morning anchor and reporter for News 3 Now in Madison. I've been watching the morning show for News 3 since I was a little kid. I grew up watching Rob Starbuck and Susan Simon grace the airwaves every morning and deliver a fun and compelling morning show day in and day out. From the time I saw Leah on News 3, I knew she would be the same. Her fun-loving personality, energy, and passion for telling compelling local stories makes her a top-notch morning news anchor. Leah's passion for Wisconsin is evident when you watch the morning show. You can usually see a little glimmer in her eye as she talks about positive local stories here in Wisconsin. This pride and passion made her a perfect fit for episode eight of Wisco Legacy.

Leah is quintessential Wisconsin. She grew up in a small tight-knit community, went to UW-Madison, and built her career here in Wisconsin. Leah always knew she wanted to attend UW-Madison, however, she did not major in journalism when she entered college. Her initial goal was to go to law school. One decision changed the trajectory of her life. To boost her resume, Leah decided to start writing for The Badger Herald. She started to find a passion for writing. This led her to secure an internship at News 3. There, she found a passion for photography, writing, and telling stories. The internship solidified her decision to pursue journalism.

After college, Leah spent some time at WKBT News 8 in LaCrosse, WI, a sister station to News 3. Leah loved her time in LaCrosse. It was a great fit for her as there are a lot of opportunities for outdoor activities in LaCrosse. Leah especially enjoyed hiking Grandad Bluff and exploring the beautiful buildings downtown. After a year in LaCrosse, Leah had the opportunity to come back to News 3 as a reporter. She could not pass up the opportunity to come back to the station that she

grew up watching and to the colleagues that helped build the foundation for her career. Leah spent time as a Reporter, Call for Action Reporter, Weekend Anchor / Multi-Media Journalist, and finally as Morning Anchor for News 3 Now. Madison is only an hour from her hometown of Highland. This will always be a deciding factor in her life and career. Leah spends as much time as possible with her family.

Two years ago, Leah's brother, Levi, tragically passed away in a car accident. Losing a sibling has to be an incredible hard experience. To lose a sibling while working in the public eye has to be even tougher. Through it all, Leah was strong. I'm know she was devastated but she had the courage to pen a letter to her brother and air the segment on News 3. Below is a link to the segment. I encourage everyone to take the time to watch this.

Leah mentioned that the public and personal support for her and her family have been overwhelmingly, but they did not get the privacy that other people may have. However, strangers come up to her and her parents and give them hugs, words of encouragement, and have donated in Levi's memory. The UW-Platteville Biology department now has a mentorship program in his honor and the Linscheid family created a Live Like Levi Memorial Scholarship fund. Leah was always close with her family, but this tragedy brought her closer. She routinely makes trips to Highland and her parents come to see her often. Family is and always will be a very important piece of Leah's life.

Leah is planning on staying around Madison for as long as she can. Shortly before her brother passed away, she got a job offer in her dream market and ultimately decided to stay home near family. She is committed to providing exceptional local news coverage for her friends, family, and all of the viewers of News 3.

Wisconsin is home for Leah. After wrapping up our podcast, I can certainly attest to that. She is so passionate about everything Wisconsin has to offer. From Devil's Lake, Grandad Bluff, Badger Game Days, Madison, Highland, and everywhere in between. I've never met anyone who loves the great state of Wisconsin more than her. We are lucky to have Leah waking us up every day at News 3 sharing important updates that effect our local area and sharing interesting and compelling stories for our area.

Leah - thank you for sharing your career journey and thank you for being vulnerable talking about the impact your brother had on everyone he met. Keep that glimmer in your eye as you talk about the state that helped shape your life.

Episode 8 with Leah Linscheid will be available on Tuesday, November 9th at the link below. The video version will be on YouTube at 5:00 a.m. and the audio version will be posted wherever you get your podcasts.

Please support Leah by watching the morning show on News 3 and following her on her social media platforms:


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