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Pursue Your Passion - Patrick Bodell - Synqronus Communications - Episode 12

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

Patrick Bodell has built a life that many people dream of. The journey that led Patrick to creating his marketing agency, Synqronus Communications, was detailed in Episode 12 of Wisco Legacy, which launches on Tuesday, December 6th at 5:00 a.m. Patrick was born and raised in Galena, Illinois. In middle school, his family made the decision to move to Monroe, WI. Little did Patrick know that years later, he would move back to Monroe and make a tremendous impact on this community. Throughout high school, he wasn't that interested in school, he was more interested in music and art. In fact, as he progressed through school, it became clear that he might not pass high school. He wanted to sign up for as many music classes as he could, but the school wouldn't let him. He quit right then and there. He did end up getting his equivalency degree.

Music was a huge part of Patrick's life growing up. After getting his equivalency degree, Patrick

decided to learn more about his passion and pursued a degree in Recording Arts and Science at the now defunct, Madison Media Institute. He enjoyed his time at MMI, but didn't finish this degree either. Instead, he hit the road and went on tour with a band. His band toured in the southern Wisconsin, Northern Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan areas. He really enjoyed life on the road, but couldn't see himself living that way forever. In his early 20's Patrick embarked on his first ever business venture: a recording studio. He worked three jobs, saved every penny he got, purchased equipment, and a commercial space, and started his recording studio. Like many young

entrepreneurs, Patrick did not have business experience. He knew his craft really, really well, but struggled to turn his craft into a sustainable business model. Luckily, he had some people give advice along the way, like getting some business cards.

Fast forward a few years, and Patrick is now owning and operating a marketing firm in Monroe, WI that focuses on brand development, media production, and web design. So, how did Patrick go from dropping out of high school and college, touring with a band, and starting a recording studio to running a successful marketing firm in a small, rural farming community? Grit, hard work, determination, and countless hours of research! Patrick had a vision for his future. A vision that was developed over years of developing business and technical skills, building connections, and a new found passion for marketing. If you've ever met Patrick, you'd know he's a passionate guy. He is passionate about creating and maintaining a positive and creative culture at Synqronus Communications and equally passionate about Monroe and Green County.

Over the years, Patrick has become very involved in the community. He's served on boards, been part of committees, and helped shape Monroe through his volunteer and community service efforts. He truly believes Monroe and Green County can be a model for success and is doing his part to raise up this area. Patrick has also partnered with numerous local companies for brand development, media production, market research, and web design. It's always gratifying for him to work with local businesses. Patrick used to have his own podcast/video show called The SynqUp, where he would talk to people from the Monroe and the surrounding area. Check it out if you haven't already. Patrick is a natural behind the mic and did a fantastic job with The SynqUp. Hopefully he brings something like that back someday!

Patrick Bodell has made a significant impact on the Monroe and Green County communities. He's served on boards, been President of volunteer-based organizations, owns and operates a successful marketing firm, and is, above all, a really great person. He is one of the most driven people I have ever met. Patrick has come along way from his high school days. He's lived an incredibly rich life so far and I know there's more big things ahead for him and his team at Synqronus Communications.

Patrick - thank you for coming on Wisco Legacy to share the journey that led you to Synqronus Communications! Keep doing great work and keep raising up the Monroe and Green County area!

Check out episode 12 of Wisco Legacy on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts. The episode will drop at 5:00 a.m. on December 6th on all of those platforms. Hit that subscribe button on YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts and follow Wisco Legacy on social media. Below are the links to YouTube, Spotiy, Apple Podcast, etc. for Wisco Legacy.

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