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Hi, my name is Cory Kundert. I am passionate about telling  stories of inspiring Wisconsinites! My passion for the state of Wisconsin was born (just like me!) in the rural community of Monroe. You can hear about my experience in Monroe on episode 25, linked here.


At a young age, I became passionate about sports. That passion still exists today. I was a three-sport athlete all of my life. I wrestled, played football and baseball from six years old until I graduated high school. Sports were a huge part of my life growing up and helped shape me into who I am.


After high school, I attended Edgewood College in Madison, where I got a degree in Business Management. I was the President of the Edgewood College Rotaract Club, a club focused on volunteer and community service. I won the Edgewood College School of Business Scholar and Leader award and was a keynote speaker at the Rotary Club of Madison (Downtown). At the time, they were the fifth largest Rotary club in the world.


Professionally, I am a Change Management leader. I developed the enterprise change strategy for my organization, plan and execute change management strategies, develop internal and external communication strategies, develop training strategies and more. It's a highly rewarding position where I help people and our organization navigate change effectively. I am also a PROSCI Certified Change Practicioner. To connect professionally, head out to my LinkedIn page, found here.

My biggest passion in life is being a dad. I have two wonderful daughters that mean everything to me. In fact, I lost 100 pounds for them. You can hear all about that in episode one of Wisco Legacy, linked here. My wife and I live in our hometown of Monroe and absolutely love the community. You will see a big representation of Monroe throughout this podcast.

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