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New Series - "What I Learned"

Podcasting has been a great journey for me so far. It has opened doors, helped me expand my network and has given me an opportunity to learn from incredible Wisconsinites. After each recording, I reflect on what I learned. I have been sharing what I learned with my wife but now it is time to expand and share it with my Wisco Legacy community! These articles will also be posted on my Wisco Legacy LinkedIn page.

New Series

I am starting a new written series called "What I Learned." For this series, I will be sharing learning moments from each episode of my podcast. I will be doing these for each episode moving forward and will also be reflecting back on previous episodes.

First Up

First up will be, Mike Flanagan. Mike was recently named the Darlington Elementary/Middle School Principal. He also spent 15 years as the Head Girl's Basketball Coach at Black Hawk High School in South Wayne, WI. In his 15 years, he amassed over 300 wins and won a state championship. Most of his teaching career was spent in my hometown school district of Monroe. He has successfully pursued his dreams!

Coming Soon

Articles will be posted the Thursday after each episode. Stay tuned to hear what I learned from Mike's journey!


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