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What I Learned - Chad McGehee - Episode 37

Hit a home run! That is the biggest lesson that Chad McGehee has learned on his path to transforming Wisconsin Athletics through his work in mindfulness and meditation training. Below are three things I learned on episode 37 of Wisco Legacy.

You can tune in to that episode by clicking the link below.

Be Patient

I want to preface this by saying that I did ask Chad this question and these were his responses. However, I resonate with all of these and wanted to give my insight into each of these lessons.

Being patient is something we all struggle with, at times. I can get really excited about an idea at work, at home or for the podcast. Sometimes I run with the idea (Wisco Wednesday) and see how it goes. Other times, I need to be more strategic about my approach, like launching the podcast last year.

Professionally, patience is a critical factor in success. It has been for me at least. Four months ago, I took a leap of faith and found a new job. I had been at my previous job for nearly seven years and was known as a a "go-to" person in my organization for the work that I was doing, but I was becoming stagnant. I knew it was time to make a change. The job hunt can be challenging. I interviewed at multiple companies for a variety of positions and ultimately landed a position that fits my skills best. This was not in direct alignment with my previous work, but my skillset works well with what I currently do and I found a great organization with great people!

Patience was a big factor in navigating my job hunt. Putting in the work to submit an application, prep for an interview, interview and wait to hear back is challenging. But, I was patient, intentional with when and how I reached out and it all worked out! As Chad went through his journey to Wisconsin Athletics, he had to be patient too and it all paid off.

Trust the Process

This lesson is as old as time, but it truly is great advice. As I'm approaching one year of Wisco Legacy, I need to sit with this advice. I have not grown the podcast at the rate that I'd like, but I'm enjoying making great connections with guests and listeners, creating content and developing new ideas for the podcast. I recently had a conversation with another podcaster that game me some really encouraging words and helped me understand why I do this. I've learned so many new skills and met so many incredible people through my podcasting journey, I know it will continue to pay off.

Hit a Home Run

Chad wrapped up our conversation on Wisco Legacy with some of the best advice I've heard in awhile.

"When the opportunities come, hit a home run". - Chad McGehee

Make the most of every opportunity you are given. You control how much time and effort you put into that opportunity. I translate this into the connections that I am making with the podcast. I've had the chance to meet many non-profit leaders, coaches, athletes and entrepreneurs on this journey. As I meet each guest, I try to make a meaningful connection that resonates beyond just the podcast. For some, that connection is easy. For others, it's a bit harder, but that's okay. You aren't going to make meaningful connections with everyone you interact with. But, you do have the ability to be kind, respectful and sincere in how you approach and interact with that person. That could go a long way in building those meaningful connections. Those connections could lead to something greater in the long run. So, when interacting with people or pursuing anything in life, take that big swing and knock it over the fence!

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