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Talkin' Agriculture with Scott Timm - Green Co Farms and GC Seeds & Service

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

Scott Timm realized his passion for agriculture at a young age. Scott grew up on a multi-generational dairy farm just south of Monroe. The Timm boys (Scott, Cory, and Eric), grew up working on the family farm. They would tend to the fields that had been in their family for generations. They would take care of their animals day in and day out. You learn a lot of life lessons growing up on a family farm. Scott details those lessons in episode nine of Wisco Legacy

Scott and I have known each other for a very long time. In fact, we were high school wrestling teammates. Scott was a senior when I was a freshman. We had a chance to talk about the correlation between wrestling and farming. Scott certainly leveraged the lessons he learned on the farm to help him on the wrestling mat. In small town Wisconsin, you see a lot of farm kids playing sports. In our area, a lot of farm kids play football. Entering high school, Scott just wasn't big enough for the football team. He ended up wrestling 103 as a freshman. Scott was a four-year starter for the Monroe Cheesemaker Wrestling team and capped his high school career with a Badger Conference championship. Winning the title was his most memorable moment in wrestling, but he learned a lot of life lessons on the mat that has helped him succeed in his time after wrestling.

After high school, Scott attended UW-Platteville. At first, he thought he wanted to become an engineer. So, as you would expect, he decided to major in Engineering. As he progressed through college, he wasn't finding the passion he wanted. As he really thought about his future, he leaned into his past. Platteville is known to have an incredible agriculture program. The more Scott thought about his future, the more his thoughts went to agriculture. Finally, Scott decided to commit. He changed his major to Agribusiness. Scott became active in student organizations, started making connections, and eventually created a business plan for what became known as GC Seeds & Service. Scott was able to launch his business while finishing up his education at UW-Platteville.

Scott has always been passionate about both agriculture and Green County. Scott decided to

combine his two passions and create Green Co Farms. Green Co Farms has two main focuses. The first focus is to grow hemp, send it off for processing, and distribute his final product: CBD. Scott is probably best known for the second focus of Green Co Farms: Green Co Farmstand. If you live around Monroe, I'm sure you've heard of the Farmstand. Scott grows and sells high quality sweet corn and offers other locally grown goods. He works with another local gardener/farmer to provide a space for her to sell her goods as well. Scott has big dreams and visions for agriculture in both Green County and Wisconsin. He thinks we have the capability and resources to be one of the best counties in the country for agriculture and I agree. The community support we have in the Green County area is incredible. Let's work toward making Scott's dream a reality.

Tune in to Episode 9 of Wisco Legacy on Tuesday, November 16th to hear Scott and I talk all things agriculture. We talk about his journey to agricultural entrepreneurship, the importance of the family farm, the importance of agriculture in Wisconsin, and more. Below is a link to the episode, which drops at 5:00 a.m. on YouTube and wherever you get your podcasts.


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