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The Man Behind The Mic - Cory Kundert

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

Hi everyone! I am Cory Kundert, Founder of Wisco Legacy. I grew up in Monroe, WI. Monroe is a small community of about 10,000 people in southern Wisconsin. We are most famous for three things:

  1. Our high school nickname is the Cheesemakers

  2. We host a festival every two years called Cheese Days. It is quintessential Monroe

  3. We have the only cheese factory in America that makes Limburger cheese

Monroe was a great place to grow up. It was so great, that my wife and I decided to move back home after college. We wanted to be close to family and raise our kids here. I wouldn't trade Monroe for anything.

I was obsessed with sports growing up. I would go to Monroe football games, baseball games, and wrestling matches every chance that I got. I always dreamed of strapping on the shoulder pads on Friday night and representing the town that I had so much pride for. I got that opportunity when I got to high school. I started competing in wrestling, football, and baseball when I was about six and wrapped up my career after my senior year of high school. I was an average athlete. I was a four year varsity letter winner in football and wrestling, and a three year varsity letter winner in baseball. I wasn't all conference, all region, or all state anything but sports taught me so many life lessons that I still use today.

After high school, I attended a small private college in Madison, Edgewood College. Edgewood was the perfect fit for me. I couldn't sit in a 300 person lecture hall and be successful. I needed to have that personal connection to my professors and the college community. While I was in college, I was the President of the Edgewood College Rotaract Club. The Rotaract Club is the college version of Rotary. We did a lot of volunteer and community service work. We were also closely aligned with the Downtown Madison Rotary Club. I was able to attend Downtown Rotary Club meetings and connect with hundreds of business leaders throughout the greater Madison area. During my senior year, I was selected to be a keynote speaker at a Downtown Madison Rotary Club meeting. At the time, the club was the fifth largest in the world! It was an incredible honor to step to that podium!

While in college, I secured an internship at a commercial construction company in Madison in Human Resources. I feel like the connections that I had made through Rotary helped me get that internship. I was hired for a full-time job at the same company upon graduation. After about a year, I decided I needed to make a change. I wanted to get more specialized within the Human Resources field. I was looking for a job in the Learning & Development/Organizational Development space. I was able to secure a full-time job at a large healthcare system in Madison in Learning & Development. I've been with that company for over six years, minus eight months. For a short period of time, I was in charge of building and maintaining roads. I was the General Superintendent for a local Highway department but missed my job in healthcare, so I went back.

Like I mentioned above, my wife and i decided to move back to Monroe. We've lived here for about six years now and love it. Monroe is a great place to raise a family. We love taking our daughter to the parks, pool, shops, and restaurants around town. We are about to have our second child and are equally excited to give her a great life in Monroe.

Over the last year, I've transformed my life. I've lost 100 pounds and couldn't be happier! I was nearing 400 pounds and needed to make a change. I always knew I could lose the weight, but struggled with where to start. I spoke about my weight loss in episode one of Wisco Legacy. News 3 / Channel 3000 also did a news story on my weight loss journey. The link for that can be found below:

If you or someone you know would be a great guest on the podcast, please reach out! Below is my email and all of my social media platforms:


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